I’m worried about making different non-digital stuff such as books, vinyl & compact discs with my own creations. Here are some projects released in the book form including photography, interaction comics, and reading content.
I’m worried about taking journalistic pictures around the world as a way of people’s solicitudes imprinting. This book contains best shot that I’ve done during journeys to India, Italy, China and Mexico.
Best shots collection
I’m worried about drawing illustrations and telling stories. The concept of interaction comic book arised to me in my childhood when I have created tons of hand drawn illustration books. This project is about different illustrated book volumes where the reader could change the course of story.
Production in progress
Designer’s seven sins
I’m worried about telling the positive ways of being a digital designer. Over ten years of commercial work experience allowed to me collect unprecedented cases and highlight facts about typical problems and describing solutions. This book is written in Russian.
Production in progress